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Construction Management

At the core of our construction management methodology lies the LEMOINE Project Success Ladder. This comprehensive and systematic approach empowers us to effectively manage every aspect of the project's lifecycle, ensuring meticulous control over time, cost, scope, and quality.

Construction management is a professional service that provides effective management of a construction project’s schedule, cost, quality, safety, scope, and function. It is a unique field with specialized challenges that require techniques and software to overcome. Construction management is compatible with all project delivery methods, and its responsibility is to the owner and to a successful project.

Our first task on every project is human engineering. We must turn a group of clients, architects, engineers, and craftsmen into a cohesive team. We do this by understanding the client’s philosophy, defining project goals, developing strategy, and establishing strong team collaboration. At LEMOINE, this involves integrating our organization with yours.

The bottom line of any successful project is the right people. We recognize the need to build leadership, communication skills, and teamwork among our entire project personnel.

Construction Management services and capabilities

  • Partnering Orientation + Project Charter
  • Cost- Control
  • Billing Reviews
  • Quality Control Plan
  • Pre-Installation Meetings
  • Testing
  • Field Survey/ Dimensional Controls
  • Scrub the Drawings
  • Submittals and Shop Drawings
  • Project Coordination Meetings
  • Material Tracking Log
  • RFI Management
  • Safety Plan Creation & Management
  • Project Close Out

Benefits of using a Construction Manager

Using a professional Construction Manager saves money, avoids or mitigates problems, and produces higher-quality results for owners. LEMOINE uses Construction Management Software and methodologies developed over our nearly half a century of experience to successfully manage your construction projects.


Why choose LEMOINE as your Construction Manager?

LEMOINE provides a full suite of services, from Infrastructure to Building Construction, Disaster Response and Recovery, and comprehensive Project and Program Services, all with one call.

Our service lines deliberately connect to support the full building lifecycle, leveraging our expertise every step of the way. This intentional assembly of disciplines provides our firm with unique insight from multiple perspectives, validating planning efforts, ensuring operational efficiencies, and affording a shield of protection from the unknown.

We are uniquely qualified to be your partner through every stage of any project.


Project Controls

LEMOINE’s in-house Project Controls group, provides BIM, schedule, and system coordination deliverables to assist our teams in their project management and field coordination duties.

Project Managers

LEMOINE has an unparalleled wealth of resources, boasting a team of over 100 committed Project Managers. Our extensive pool of in-house expertise guarantees the success of your project.

Field Supervision

LEMOINE’s Field Supervision sets the industry standard for excellence. Our dedicated team of over 100 Superintendents successfully oversaw a combined total of 3,057,843 man-hours in 2022.

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