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LEMOINE’s in-house Scheduling Department utilizes the industry’s most advanced scheduling programs, ensuring accuracy and project certainty.

We accept the most challenging timelines and create strategies to meet or exceed them. Our expert knowledge and historic databases allow us to plan for long lead items, industry and supply chain disruptions, and sequencing of critical scopes of work.

Especially in the case of Design + Build, LEMOINE often employs early release packages prior to the finalization of Construction Documents. This complex strategy must be executed skillfully, to ensure the project’s overall success in budget, quality, and schedule.

Project pre-planning including Safety, Start-Up, and Schedule development by the Project Team.  LEMOINE utilizes a project-specific Start-Up Checklist and CPM Schedule for start-up in order to manage this process.

Case Study: Schedule

As CMaR for M.L. ‘Tigue’ Moore Field Renovations at UL-Lafayette, LEMOINE was able to execute an Integrated Project Delivery approach. On critical scopes, such as Electrical, Structural Steel, and the Prefabricated Hybrid Grandstand, LEMOINE issued early-release packages prior to the issuance of Construction Documents. This approach allowed months to be picked up on the schedule and was key to the ultimate turnover of this building in time for the 2017 baseball season.

Adding complexity to the demanding schedule, 4 months after construction began, and only 3 months before the season started, the client tasked LEMOINE with opening the stadium for the 1st home game on March 3rd, 6 weeks ahead of schedule.

LEMOINE accepted the challenge and began immediately putting plans into action to achieve this milestone. Through re-sequencing of work, implementation of night work for critical scopes, and the use of trend analyses for every critical path trade to ensure timely delivery, LEMOINE was able to satisfy the client’s request. Achieving Substantial Completion for the Grandstand, Concourse, Restrooms, and Concessions on March 2nd, the team played every game at home in their new stadium.

Why partner with LEMOINE?

LEMOINE’s in-house scheduling department coordinates with project stakeholders to plan each activity of your project.  Leveraging VDC tools, we provide real-time trusted data, ensuring seamless communication and activity tracking from planning to execution. We also utilize LEAN construction techniques to ensure your project is handled in the most efficient way possible.

Plan for Appropriate Equipment

Accurate and careful project scheduling matches the resources of equipment, materials, and labor with project work-tasks over time.

Continuous Refinement

LEMOINE monitors and changes the sequencing of activities, and extends or shortens the durations, in such a manner that the use of resources is smoothed and optimized.