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Broussard, LA

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Industrial + Manufacturing + Warehouse/ Distribution

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Freeport McMoRan, Inc.


123,000 SF

Contracted by Freeport McMoRan (formerly Plains Exploration and Production Company [PXP]), this fast track delivery project resulted from the client’s need to support its growing offshore deep water Gulf of Mexico Operations. Through Integrated Project Delivery, Lemoine worked alongside Freport McMoRan to secure and develop a 27.45 acre site at LEDA Industrial Park in Broussard, LA.

Project scope escalated through the development process after surveying equipment and operations BP used to maintain those same materials. The end result deployed a facility in excess of 123,000 square feet, 275,000 square feet of concrete paving laydown yard and 5 acres of soil cemented laydown yard. While some very early preliminary schematic design concepts were completed in early December of 2011, the full authorization to proceed with the design was given in early January 2013, with a clear mission to deliver the 5 acres of stabilized laydown by February and the entire project by October 2013 for a GMP Contract amount of $18.3 Million.

To deliver the project on the accelerated schedule, our team worked seamlessly with all user groups, designers, and critical subcontractors and suppliers. The first milestone was met in February after which the team continued with early procurement efforts and constant coordination with the owner to align needs, design intent, and schedule. By mid-May, the building foundation had progressed far enough along that the first piece of steel was erected. With only 5 months remaining until the completion date and still having only design 90% complete, the team continued to update the pricing and manage changes, ultimately incorporating over 30 alternates to meet the Owner’s ever evolving needs. The team also absorbed 38 days of rainfall during the building construction, often incurred during the critical stage of installing the almost 3 acres of metal roofing, creating extreme conditions.

On October 10, 2013, in just over 10 months from its inception and only 6 months from the first pile being driven, the project was granted full occupancy by local building officials and reached substantial completion. The new 120,000 square foot warehouse and storage facility includes a climate controlled storage area and houses necessary equipment and parts for offshore operations. In addition, a 5,600 square foot office and conference room facility was constructed to manage day-to-day operations at the warehouse yard. The office facility also serves as a response center during hurricane evacuations and other events that affect Freeport McMoRan’s offshore platforms.

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